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Urban Selection takes customer data incredibly seriously. That’s why this website only uses secure, encrypted forms and any personal data we collect will only be used for internal purposes and never shared with third parties.

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Are you free to remain and take up employment in the UK with no current immigration restrictions?

Driving Licence – if relevant to post applied for. Do you hold a full driving license valid in the UK?

Are you aware of any points in your license?

Do you suffer from any medical condition which may prevent you from undertaking the job you are applying for?

Do you have normal color vision (as required by airport regulations)?

Do you have any convictions that are unspent under the rehabilitation of offender’s act 1974?

Is there anything in your history which you believe could affect your eligibility for an Airside pass at Heathrow?

Have you ever been refused a security pass at an airport?

Have you ever held an Airport ID Pass at any airport?

Are you aware of any police enquires undertaken following allegations made against you, which may have a bearing on your suitability for this post?

Are you willing for this referee to be approached prior to the interview?

I confirm that the information provided on this form, and within my CV, if applicable, is both truthful and accurate. I have committed no facts that could affect my future employment. I understand that any engagement entered into is subject to documentary evidence of my right to work in the UK, verification of any professional qualifications and, in the case of temporary assignments, subject to satisfactory references. I expressly consent to any sensitive or personal data, disclosed as part of my application, being used in connection with the search for work subject to the relevant Data Protection legislation. I will inform Urban Selection of any circumstances that may affect my work, such as changes to health, subsequent pending prosecutions or convictions, which may arise whilst I am registered for permanent or temporary work. I understand that Urban Selection has the right to request a Criminal records Bureau Disclosure Where they consider it necessary and that any details from this or any other police checks provided, may be forwarded to a potential employers and selected 3rd parties. I understand that failure to disclose relevant information or giving false information may result in termination of employment. I have agreed to, Urban Selection Limited’s Terms of Engagement and give my full permission for references to be taken with any of the referees provided. I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by informing the Urban Selection that I wish to do so.

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