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Our lovely British lamb, dry dog food is created by hand in our Scottish factory.

By softly pressing our premium ingredients at low temperatures, we retain nutrients within the food helping to support digestion and promote a healthy mind and body for your dog. We take pride in only using the finest quality ingredients that will improve your dog’s coat, skin and immune system.

One of the greatest benefits of adding cold pressed food to your dog’s meal is that the biscuits dissolve from the outside in, meaning it doesn’t expand in their stomachs once digesting and it provides a complex meal of carbohydrates, protein and fats. By including dry, cold pressed when feeding raw meat, it offers a complete, balanced and healthy meal for your dog as they get all the additional vitamins and minerals needed to contribute positively to their all-round, good health.

Our grass-fed lamb kibble is a fantastic source of protein and fat. This recipe also contains sweet potato which is high in Vitamin A, cranberry to sustain urinary and intestinal health and turmeric for immunity and joint support.

Available in recyclable eco-friendly packaging, our cold pressed dry food options come in 12kg bags.

Remember to not over-feed your dog, as cold-pressed food is nutritionally concentrated you will need to feed around 30% less than your current traditional kibble. When replacing your dog’s food with 4 Paws for the first time, make sure you gradually switch from your previous dog food over a period of time following the 25/50/75 rule.

Alongside this, we always advise to supplement your dog’s breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh water to keep it well digested, and store food in a cool, dry place.


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